An unconventional Bank in Zurich

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In every city or town Banks hold the impression of being the most prominent and sophisticated buildings. They must look magnificent and prosperous. However with the emergence of banks in each nook and corner we see nothing but straight, no-nonsense and unimaginative blocks. Let's peep at the interior design of Raiffeisen Office, Zurich who have tried to create a welcoming and appealing grandeur for the employees as well as their customers.

Enriched by perforated walls the interiors ooze with creativity in the form of the holes on the bank wall with a sketch of facial ornaments. The rooms are striking and graceful with the colour white dominating the mood. White reflects elegance, class and spotlessness reflecting the image of the bank. Whether it is the meeting room or the reception area the interiors speak of style and opulence. The exterior walls are that of glass which allows anyone who passes by a look into the world of elegance and power. Enjoy the pictures…

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