Feng Shui General Tips


Have you lost hope in optimism?

Are you gripped by unknown fears?

Has the pessimism around you bogged you down?

If such are your symptoms, Feng-Shui is indeed your cure. An ancient Chinese science, it combines the laws and philosophies that govern the heaven and the earth, to reap a discipline that increases the amount of positive energy in one’s life. Similar to the Indian science of Vaastu Shastra, Feng-Shui aims at gradually phasing out the negativities that haunt your homes and workplaces by proper alignment of directions and objects, such that the energies that flow into your place are harmonious in nature and serene in spirit. Though, this science varies in its techniques and types, it is now commonly practiced by most people, in a general and universally accepted form. However, to a beginner, this simple science might appear to be a bundle of confusions! Nevertheless, by following the tips which have been mentioned below, one can make ideal use of the Feng-Shui concepts and methodologies.

  • Always face towards the door- never have your back towards it, as with your face you welcome the novelty and work that enters through the door.
  • A cluttered office or home leaves no space for the energies to flow properly. It is considered preferable to leave a space of about 10 inches between furniture arrangements.
  • Mirrors do not merely reflect, they help you prosper too. Do not place a mirror in your bedroom but place it at the end of the hallway so that it does not appear to be a dead end- but gives the look of liveliness and verve.
  • Always close the toilet lids. As per the principles of Feng-Shui, it prevents all your money from going down the drain and also helps to let peace prevail.
  • Adjust the lights in such a manner that your rooms do not remain dimly lit. Also add the grandeur of light colored flowers and scenic pictures into the room, as they tend to add the benefits associated with the element of earth, in the office.
  • Add crystal balls, wind chimes, flagpoles and other Feng-Shui objects to your place, to make the positive energies flow continuously and without blockage from one corner to another, within your house or workplace.

Feng-Shui has time and again proven its credibility by showing expeditious results. These results have not just satisfied the users but have also brought prosperity into their lives. And it is indeed with the science of Feng-Shui, that people have discovered the art of living life!

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