Feng Shui Advice For Office Desk


Is everything in your office going topsy-turvy?

Are you not being able to make out the desired profits?

Have you worked really hard but are still not able to come out of the marsh?

So, may be you will find better remedies in the science of feng shui.

Feng shui is an age old Chinese belief which is quite similar to the Indian vaastu-shastra. Similar to its Indian origin, feng shui is all about the inflow and outflow of positive and negative energies. To keep away the evil shadows and to make your life more harmonious, feng shui has its pivotal role to play in your lives.

When it comes to applying the principles of feng shui in your office, an important aspect that is not supposed to go unnoticed is your office desk. The rules laid down by the science of feng shui should concern to the table as well, dealing with its positioning and placement of the articles on it. Certain aspects of feng shui that should be kept in mind while setting your office table are given below:-

  • It is preferred to set your table in such a manner so that your back is towards the wall. Bear in mind that you never place your back to the door as it leaves you open to any kind of outside attack.
  • According to the feng shui principles, your back should never turn towards the window as it hinders the energy flow in you and leaves you without enough support.
  • The desk should always be placed away from the door. In case the room is too small, a picture that has some wavy aspect such as water, fishes or aquarium can be sited on the wall facing the table. However try and sit at the farthest corner from the door for it places you in a position of authority.
  • Hanging a picture which gives a heavy appearance such as hills or scenery, which represents earth and generates the power of determination in you.
  • Place your workspace in a manner so that you do not happen to look out at the corridors or staircases.
  • Placement of your computer is preferable in the south-east corner as it enhances your income generation capacity.
  • Do place your files on table with respect, as their vague positioning symbolizes poor organization.

By following the measures of feng shui your work culture can flourish much more and you will taste the fruits of prosperity galore.

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