Brown Goods vs. White Goods


Like everything in this world, the everyday usable goods are also having their own classification for better identification. Do you know how the everyday usable consumer goods are classified into two different categories?

Ranging from the mobile phone in your pocket to the refrigerators, everything has its own product range classifications. The consumer durables are classified into two major groups as the brown goods and white goods. But why such colorful names after all?

The term ‘brown goods’ stands as the colloquial slang for the electronic consumer products as mobile phones, television, CD/DVD player, and personal computer etc. ‘Brown goods’ much stressed to the relatively light and low-priced and fast-moving electronic goods including gazettes of various nature. On the other hand, white goods signify for the relatively high-priced, heavy, and slow-moving electronic goods like fridge, air-conditioner, micro woven etc. It’s evident that white Goods mainly include all ranges of home appliances.

Let us learn about the brown goods vs. white goods concepts in precise. Around two decades before, for serving the marketing purposes, some categories of products with wooden or Bakelite make over used to get presented in the markets. Those old fashioned brown looks have been upgraded today with contemporary stainless steel coatings or with shades of fashionable colors. But the products of such class are still widely familiar with the name of ‘brown goods’. Electronic gazettes of various natures are better known as the brown goods. The categories for different ranges of the white goods are enameled or painted in different shades of white. Purely, the consumers have no business with the brown goods vs. white goods contradiction. But, this class differentiation finds its place in the manufacturing and distribution segments which has greater importance in serving the product marketing purposes.

The distinguished classifications of brown goods vs. white goods have direct impact in the service/maintenance areas for the products of these classes. Generally, high-end technical skills are applicable in repairing the complex electronics circuits based brown goods, whereas it requires practical application specialized knowledge in servicing the white goods. The mechanics for the brown goods show reluctance in taking up the maintenance assignments for the white goods.

Often there come contradictory instances in identifying certain electronic consumer products as brown goods or white goods. For example, a mechanic of the brown goods often expresses his unwillingness in repairing a microwave which falls in the line of contradiction between the brown goods vs. white goods. Two typical electronic circuits the timer and the heat controller classify fitted in a microwave categorize it in the line of brown goods. But, for being an expensive home appliance it product it can be considered as a white goods as well.

In fine, both the sectors of the brown and white goods have experienced the blow of the recent recessionary effect. The brown goods sector suffered significant looses in terms of revenue earning. But, the world consumer’s buying trend remained almost unaffected for the white goods as these are the log terms investments toward better living.

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