Selection Of Color For Renovate Your New Built Home


Colors display our emotions and they speak what our hearts say. If you have built a new house for your family, won’t you wish to decorate the walls with expressive colors? Of course you will.

Selecting paint colors for your dream house can be very difficult and terrifying too. If you select colors just like that, it will make your house flat and featureless whereas picking bold colors will definitely overwhelm the architecture, but upset your neighbors. You should select colors in such a way that they highlight the best features of your home. As a matter of fact, if your house has some architectural flaws, skilfull use of color can disguise those flaws as well. If you plan to paint your old home, you can always go for historically accurate color scheme. Hiring a pro to evaluate the old paint chips can help you a great deal if you wish to recreate the original color. Now, the point is that how to find a skilfull and the perfect color combination? Read on to have an idea: -

  • Spice up the Past: - You can spice up the previous concept of color selection by painting you house with modern colors instead of historical colors. Applying bright color on old walls can produce exciting and amazing results.
  • Consider your neighbors: - The color of the houses near by can definitely give you an idea on paint colors, but you should never copy their colors exactly. Instead, choosing colors which can set your house apart is a lot more sensible.
  • Consider the roof: - your new house is ready to be your canvas and it is also not blank because some colour are established. Check your roof, what color is it? You need not match your paint color with that of roof. It will be enough if they are in harmony.
  • Concentrate on your living room: - It seems comical to paint the entire house according to the outline of a pillow case. This approach makes sense too as the color of the furnishings can guide you while selecting your interior paint colors. The interior paint colors that you choose will also influence the color that you will use outside.
  • Use light colors to add size: - Light colors make a small room look spacious. Applying pale cream or white colour will give your house a sense of space and dignity.
  • The above mentioned guidelines will definitely make your job easy while you are out for purchasing paint for your house. Your priority while painting should be to strike out a balance among different sections of your house.


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