Vastu Ideas For Kids Room

Feng Shui Ideas For Kids Room

When applied to a kids’ room Feng Shui can make the child’s world energetic, healthy and joyful, and remove the flow of negative energies around him. Kids are unrestrained and full of life and need a very open, lively environment to grow the right way. The science of Feng Shui can enhance the development of a child by avoiding clutter and chaos and surrounding him with positive vibes.

We suggest the following steps to build a Feng Shui layout for your kids room :-

  • Make sure your kid is amidst a lot of fresh air in his room. The kids room is full of toys, books, gadgets, clothes and many more things. It’s important to ensure that the air in the room is healthy and pleasing. Keep the windows open for at least some part of the day. You can use air purifying plants which can also add beauty to the room and keep your child close to nature. In addition natural oils and aromatherapy can erase the crankiness and restlessness of a child and keep him relaxed and happy.
  • A messy room attracts negative energies and can affect the moods and health of your child. Make sure the room is organized and chaos free to keep the energy flowing. An organized storage system with cupboards, baskets or boxes in place can help you manage the space in a better way.
  • An intelligent use of colors and positive elements in the child’s room help in creating a harmonious and healthy environment. Choose the right colors for your child and try to incorporate them in his room wherever possible. A disobedient child can change his ways if you place his parent’s pictures in his room as per Feng Shui. For a shy child pictures with warm soothing colors and big open spaces can be a great confidence booster.
  • The purpose of indulging in these activities is to create an ambience for your child which can help in his mental, physical and emotional growth and make him feel loved and secured. However, the best recipe for a healthy childhood is love of parents in abundance and make sure you give them the same.