Vastu Ideas For Kids Room

Vastu Ideas For Kids Room

Since ages the science of Vastu has been growing consistently and has now spread its wings all around the world with its logical beliefs and suggestions to make your living or work place auspicious. Here we bring to you some Vastu tips for your kids’ room to convert it into a space which can strengthen up the positive energies and make growing a pleasurable experience for the children.


The west direction is best suited for kids’ room. However, it can be in the south, north or east direction also. For unmarried children an eastern bedroom is advisable. However the room should never be in the southwest direction.


Utilize the southwest portion of the room to place the beds, with their heads facing the east or south direction. East direction is best for mind development of children. As per Vastu pointed things bring negative energy hence should be completely avoided in the kids’ rooms.


Do not place a mirror opposite to the child’s bed. Even a television or computer screen should be avoided opposite the bed as it reflects the bed. Place any reflecting objects on either the left or right side of the bed.


Place the furniture a little away from the walls to help the positive energy rotate through out the room. The study table should face the east or the northeast while studying for better concentration.


The door to the children’s bedroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed. Try having them at a different angel. This aspect should especially be kept in mind while finalizing the architecture of the room.

Remember that Vastu is all about making the best use of a given space and help you children grow in a healthy environment. For proper mental and physical development of your child, you should make all the necessary efforts and try to make their life congenial and stress free.