Feng Shui Ideas

Feng Shui for Bedroom

According to Feng Shui there are three important factors to be considered when you buy or construct a house. First, direction and location of the house; second the kitchen location and third is the bedroom. Bedroom is very important because this is the place where you relax and restore energy for the next day. Feng Shui in a bedroom promotes a harmonious flow of nourishing and sensual energy. An effective Feng Shui ensures peace and harmony resulting in good health and prosperity.

Follow the given suggestions to ensure good Feng Shui in your bedroom

  • Do not keep TV, Computer or Exercise Equipments in your bedroom as they destroy positive energies
  • Let there be a fresh supply of air in the room as fresh air brings god Feng Shui. Use air purifiers for further cleansing of air. If you wish to place plants in your room, make sure your room is fairly large and plants are located far away from the bed.
  • Ensure good amount of light to enter the room and use lighting fixtures and candles for a bright lively bedroom. Candles are highly recommended by Feng Shui but they should not be toxic in nature.
  • Use soothing colors for the bedroom as they ensure best flow of energy for restorative sleep and mental healing. The recommended colors are skin hues ranging from pale white to rich chocolate brown.
  • Choose the right images for your bedroom preferably images of things you want in your life. Let your surroundings be filled with happy and fun visuals and avoid sad and lonely pictures which might induce negativity.
  • Some basic tips:
    • Have your bed easily approachable from both sides.
    • Have two bedside tables (one on each side), and
    • Avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door.
  • Keep all doors closed at night i.e. the bedroom door, the closet and the bathroom doors for healthy body and relationships. Keep your wardrobe clean and organized for peace and calm in your life.

Following these suggestions, you can have the presence of good Feng Shui in your bedroom and expect a healthy and prosperous life.