Kids Room Wall Murals

Kids Room Wall Murals

The latest trend for decorating a child’s room is to have a wall mural, a fun activity for the kids as well as parents. A creative, adventurous and skilful activity, a mural on the wall can change the complete look of the room. You can create your own mural or choose one from the offline or online market and paint it yourself. You can even take help of a professional to get it painted. However doing it yourself with your child is a stimulating activity and can be the most special area of the room if created yourself.

There are thousands of designs available in the market and you can choose one depending on your choice and the theme of the room. Achieve the best design considering the choice of your kids which may be animal world, fairytale, sci-fi or abstract. You can create your own design by using pastel paints, stencils and even sketch pens and markers. You can save money this way; however you need to have a creative streak and an artistic bend of mind.

Another way to create a mural is using wallpapers and wall decals for an attractive and cost effective result. Wall papers are easy to install and are available in several designs and styles in the market.

Alternatively, you can make a collage on the wall by using cutouts from newspapers, magazines, old greeting cards and stickers and stick them tastefully on the wall. For a glamorous look you can add glitters, beads and buttons of various colors.

A wall mural is all about your imagination and the design will depend on the age-group to which your child belongs. For very young kids cartoon characters and fairytale themes can work perfectly, and for older kids, space, vehicles, sci-fi or even educational themes can work wondrously. A colorful graffiti or geometric patterns can be the choice of some, while some might want to opt for abstract designs or sea adventures.

Decide on a budget, discuss the possibilities with your child, tickle your creative soul and get ready to have a wall full of colors, imaginations and lot of love for your kid!