Midcentury Houses Revisited

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The magazine Atomic Ranch came up with renovation ideas for mid century homes which formed an amazing collection of eight homes featured in the book. The Editor Michelle Gringeri-Brown and photographer and AR publisher Jim Brown and their publisher Gibbs Smith have presented a marvelous collection of designs resulting in an excellent visual for the readers.

Here we bring to you one of the houses, a 1958 Eichler from San Mateo recreated by Architect Mark Marcinik of M110 Architecture who had worked with the previous owner on a whole-house renovation of this 1958 Eichler home in San Mateo, beginning in 2000. The house underwent a massive renovation spree and the results were a treat to the eyes.

To begin with a new roof with an insulation barrier was put on and the asbestos floor tile was replaced with slate. The surfaces were painted and after a few years, the kitchen and dining room were modernized. By 2008, a master bedroom was added to the house. The house was redone as a hybrid of steel and wood. Not much was removed from the house and still it was given a contemporary look and style. Take a look at this amazing house which will definitely be an inspiration for many!

Credits: Photographs by Jim Brown from Atomic Ranch Midcentury Interiors by Michelle Gringeri-Brown. Publisher: Gibbs Smith.

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