Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

An ancient Indian Science, Vastu deals with architecture of our spaces in a way that helps us live in an affable environment and in harmony with Mother Nature. Nature’s elements and energies can be explored for better life in terms of health, wealth and prosperity by adopting Vastu in our lives. This science takes its form by combining science of architecture, astronomy, astrology and arts. It is also known as a science which deals with directions and harmonizing the five elements of nature (Panchbhootas) with our lives and spaces. The magnetic field and gravitation, galaxies, winds, sunlight, rain all effect the lives of human beings and if we are in sync with all the elements of nature our work, education and status in life would benefit. Vastu was evolved by Indian sages and is now being researched and developed further.

Vastu works on the basis of three principles that cover the entire premise. First principle is Bhogadyam and the second is Sukhadarsham. The spaces & the material used in the interiors and exteriors of the buildings should be in proportion and the rooms should be clean and pleasant. "Ramya" is the third principle which states that the designed premise should reflect the feeling of wellbeing. The design of the house and placement of elements should be in sync with the elements of natural environment.

Let us understand each of these elements in detail :-

EARTH (Bhumi) :

India where Vastu evolved worships Earth as a mother. Earth, a big magnet has North and South Pole as centers of attraction. The gravitational force affects everything on earth and its inhabitants.

WATER (Jal) :

Water in all forms – rain, sea, rivers, ice and gas is the second element which is a base for the science of Vastu. Earth and water are related and this shows the influence of water on our lives.

AIR (Vayu) :

Air is the source of life as we breathe air for survival. It represents the flow of elements and is present in the complete body system. Vastu lays considerable stress on this element for the composition for its scientific studies.

FIRE (Sun) :

Sun is the source of light, heat and our mind energy. Earth has different temperatures in different zones and hence the architecture and culture differs from zone to zone. It plays an important role in development of visual qualities of architecture in terms of textures, colors and above all the expressions of vitality.

SPACE (Aakash) :

Sky is the endless space where the entire galaxy exists. The forces of light, heat, gravitation, magnetic are its effective forces which affect our lives considerably. All these elements are responsible for the well being and prosperity of Humans and hence harmony amongst these elements and our lives is essential. This forms the basis of Vastu Shastra.