Bedroom Lights

Bedroom Lights

Bedroom lights are the most essential part of the decor. The right kind of light can define the mood of the room. According to the Interior decorators paint and light is what you should begin with, when you plan to design or redecorate a room.

Bedrooms are your private haven. One of the few areas of the house which are not shared with visitors and so they need special and personal touch. A few simple upgrades can turn this space into your favourite place within the home where you can rejuvenate your mind and body.

Bedroom lighting tips:-

Dim lights -

Try not to have too many lights in your bedroom. Usually soft lights like a bedroom lamp is all you need to prepare your bed. Soft lights would help you relax and get ready for a good night sleep.

Blinds –

You can use blinds on the windows to play with the natural light coming in. Set the blinds as per the time of the day and as per your mood to embrace the nature.

Light coloured walls -

The colour of the bedroom walls normally affects the amount of lighting required and one should keep in mind that dark tones absorb light and pale colours reflect light. You can use the colour as per your choice and do keep in mind its contrasting effect with the furniture and furnishings.

Bed switch -

Controlling bedroom lights & fans from the bed itself can be done in an easy way. This is done to prevent the need to get out of bed prior to sleep. Comfort level increases if you have the controls situated near your bed.

Chandeliers -

Drop chandeliers installed on bedroom ceiling are completely back in fashion and are available in a great variety of designs. One can use them to inject an atmosphere of royalty & luxury into any bedroom.

Lights for dressing table -

Lights at the dressing table should be soft and even as great visibility will allow you to dress up real good. Ideally, the light should be fixed above the mirror enabling you to get a focussed view. One can make use of halogen and incandescent bulbs over fluorescent ones as fluorescent lights can make you look green and pale.

Reading lights -

If you carry your books to bed, you can use an adjustable glare-free wall-mounted bedroom lamp that casts the light exactly where you need it. Alternatively a table lamp with an adjustable arm and shade can help. Make sure the lamps you choose should be compatible with you room décor.