Kitchen Interior Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is often considered last when you design or plan your kitchen. However considering the level of activities that take place in this area it should be strategically lit and aesthetically planned. Lights provide both functionality as well as decorative appeal to this space. Gone are the days when a simple bulb or tube light could suffice. We now are in the century of modern kitchens and lighting can not be ignored if you want your kitchen to look as attractive as the rest of the house.

Avoid a single glaring light on the ceiling

A very common mistake that many do is lighting the entire kitchen space with a single ceiling mounted light which glares up the whole area keeping the corners in shadows. Go for distributed lights at various locations which can be used as per the usage at a particular time.

Types of lights :-

Every kitchen should have a combination of the following lights for functionality and appearance

Task specific Lights:

There are various tasks undertaken while you work in a kitchen. For example you can have a light for the chopping area between your head and the work surface. You can have a separate light for your pantry and can have specific lights for your cabinets.

Ambience effect lights:

A welcoming soft glowing light can make your kitchen look glorious. It can be placed between your cabinets and ceiling space. Often ignored this light can be used even when you are not working in the kitchen.

Accent enhancing lights:

You can place lights inside your glass cabinets to light up your crockery or jar collectives. Use low voltage lights in these areas to give an amazing depth to your kitchen.

Decorative lights:

Lights used just for the purpose of adding a sparkle to your kitchen and make it look beautiful are a must if you plan to invite your guests to look into your cooking space. You can put these lights on only when you have visitors.

Plan the use of lights:

While bright lights may be required while you cook and clean, soft, dimmed lights can make your dinner and family time a more interesting experience. Use lights as per your needs.

Always plan for your kitchen lighting and do not let this be a haphazard decision. If you can afford, take a professional’s help or use your creative mind to illuminate this special space of your home.