Interior Lighting

Homes & Offices Interior Lighting

The lighting of our homes and offices are perhaps the most important and yet the least thought about decisions. The way a room is lit sets the mood and performance of a person. If you are not comfortable in a space it will directly affect your productivity. Lighting in a given space could be decorative, functional, focused or ambience. Each light has its own importance and defines the room in a special way

Here are a few suggestions on how can you light up your spaces in the most efficient manner :-

Play with lights

It’s not always best to have uniform lights for the complete space. Especially in the areas where we need to work or read a uniform light can be a distraction to our eyes. For such areas a focus light or lamps can be a good choice. You might need to highlight a particular area of the home or office and can consider having a spotlight for those special areas. You can have task lights for your kitchen and ambience light for your reception and entertainment spaces. Use a combination of lights to get the best result and utility.

Create layers

You can have various lights in a single space and create effects by placing lights of different intensity at different angles. This will create a dramatic and gorgeous effect for any space. You might not want to light up all fixtures at one time and use them as per your moods and needs.

Light up your walls

If you work on your computer for long durations and the area around the screen is not well lit, it might strain your eyes as there is a contrast between the bright screen and dark room. Try using a recessed wall washer in such cases on the wall behind your computer screen. This is a light fixture that looks like a regular light that would project light down the wall but the optics, or reflectors, inside are designed to kick light out of the side instead of having it shoot straight down.

Avoid glares

If you are not looking for a glamorous or dramatic effect in the room, select the finish of the horizontal surfaces carefully. A glossy or metallic finish surface can reflect the lights and create a glare. A Matte finish is usually better if you want to avoid glare.

Types of lights

Different lights have different color effects and utilities. For example incandescent lights give a yellow tinge and halogen bulbs have a bluish white effect. You can use Halogen bulbs for reading which are durable and cost effective. Fluorescent bulbs can be used for indirect lighting, last 10 times longer than regular bulbs and are energy savers. Incandescent lights are effective for everyday needs and dimming effects. It’s a traditional form of lighting and least expensive one.