Modular Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen Chimney

In most of the Kitchens we see the traditional exhausts are getting replaced by Chimney as it is more effective and convenient. Urban kitchens need it all the more as Kitchens today may not be a segregated space but a part of living room or dining area. Hence 99% of modern kitchens today are using chimneys and many will be shifting from exhausts to chimneys, especially the urban users. If we talk from the Indian perspective the food preparation has lot of spices and flavors. A simplest of preparation spreads fumes which can be removed by an exhaust fan but not before it gets into your eyes or stains the tiles. An electric chimney however removes the emissions before they hit the kitchen.

Chimney types :-

Kitchen chimney designs can be traditional or designer. If your purpose to install to a chimney is just for its functionality the traditional chimneys would suit you the best. However for performance as well as looks, the modern electrical chimneys prove to be the most efficient. There are number of brands in the market offering variety of Kitchen chimneys. Two kinds of chimneys which are usually found are Baffle and Metal Grease Filter. Baffle Filters are considered to be better than the metal grease filters as baffle filters contain overlapped filters which suck the grease out with their sucking capacity. Metal grease filters have the tendency to suck the grease in proportions.

Taking Care of the Chimney :-

Regular cleaning of kitchens ensures their longevity and better performance. Filters should be washed as they suck the grime and fumes and need maintenance regularly. Chimney rods and brushes are available in hardware stores and they help you clean them efficiently. Remember to protect your eyes and hands before you start the process. You can also call for professional cleaners once in a while for a thorough clean up.

Brands :-

Various companies that offer such chimneys in market are Inalsa, Faber, Glen, Kaff, Sunflame, Cata and ELBA. You can choose the chimney as per your needs and your kitchen and cooking range size. The chimneys are still not priced very economically and hence many households are still not enjoying its benefits. However with the times to come we expect all households to have them. If you are constructing a new house installing a chimney is highly recommended.