Home Office Furniture


Choosing the right furniture for your house is a challenging task as it is a substantial investment and a major factor in deciding the overall look of the house. We have seen a significant shift in the style of furniture in the modern world. Contemporary designs are ruling the market with their affordable price tags and looks to match your modern houses. However traditional style still remains the favorite amongst many, who prefer quality and class above affordability. Here we would discuss both the contemporary and traditional furniture styles to enable you make the right decision for your personal space

Traditional Furniture

Mostly made of expensive, quality wood, traditional furniture still holds the fancy of many, especially if royal ambience and class is a preference. However traditional furniture is heavy, massive and might give your space the look of a museum if indulged in a little too much. Though it is very durable, it might not be inviting enough to relax and unwind. It also might be a mismatch to modern day equipments like television, computers, DVD players etc.

Having said that, traditional furniture still holds ground as it is timeless and sophisticated and can never go out of style as opposed to the contemporary pieces. Its beauty lies in the fact that it’s antique style and design will never go out of fashion. You can choose from the Indian maharaja style furniture, to English traditional and French court style to adorn your home with traditional pieces. These are undoubtedly expensive but last long and can be treated as an investment for your precious house.

While fashion comes and goes, traditional forms hold there forte and are there for centuries to come.

Contemporary Furniture

If you want to give your space a modern, up to date look, contemporary furniture is what you should look for. There are new trends coming up everyday and you have to update yourself continuously to catch up with the ever changing designs. The furniture is light and manageable and can be arranged in any space without much hassle. You can pick these pieces online or offline and use your creativity to mix and match various forms.

Modern furniture is highlighted by its unique shapes and bright colors. Bold hues like red, black, pink and yellow mark them as energetic and confident. Clean geometric shapes give a trendy look to any space. Modern furniture is made sleek and light with simple straight lines. There is less use of wood and more of metal, glass and fiber.

Where traditional furniture is apt for huge spacious houses, contemporary furniture suit the urban style living with its sleekness lending a sophisticated and spacious look.

This style of furniture can make any space warm and welcoming and help you make your home a reflection of your personality.