All About Bamboo Flooring


“Go Green”, is the slogan of the day and with Bamboo- it is literally true! Are you planning to remodel your home to give it a better shape and an improved look? Are you wondering how to club up the essence of being comfortable with the spirit of being lively?

Have the so-called ‘perfect’ Hardwood floors tested your patience enough?

If this is the case, Bamboos are at your disposal!

Bamboo flooring, has today occupied an important place in the sphere of interior decoration. Ranging from homes to restaurants and from offices to market places, bamboos are being used almost everywhere! Not only do they lend a certain style and class to the surroundings but they also provide an exquisite combination of warmth and elegance. After all, what matters is how beautifully unique would you like your place to look! But with Bamboo flooring, it’s not just uniqueness that counts- It is the numerous amount of benefits that are associated with its usage. Not only are they available in different types and varieties but they also prove to be a profitable deal.

Bamboo, conventionally and mistakenly is considered to be wood while on the contrary it is not wood at all! Bamboo is a type of grass which has a tough exterior. This peculiarity of combination imparts in it the softness of grass mixed with the durability of wood. This near-perfect natural amalgamation also causes it to be resilient, which would mean, that while other hardwoods would undergo continuous contractions and expansions with change in humidity and weather conditions- Bamboo would retain its magnificence. So, No expensive repairs and No extra expenditures- with Bamboos, you just won’t need a change! Most Bamboo floorings go well with all your décor plans, though there is a gross misconception about their colors and shading. It is believed that apart from light blond- which is their organic color, they are not found in any other variety. Yes, naturally they are not, but scientifically they are. Bamboos, when treated, using carbonization and other such methodologies, reap colors that vary from deep amber to yellowish-Brown, giving you just the right kind of options that you would need for making your choice.

When you mow grass in your lawns, it is considered good for the host plant. In a very similar fashion, cutting Bamboos, their being a grass, too is advantageous for the host plant. And all this, with the added benefit of a clear conscience! Yes, you would not have degraded the environment or depleted the world tree supply in any way! Bamboos can re-grow almost anywhere, in any kind of climate and at the fastest possible rate!

Bamboo Flooring has indeed provided a simple measure to keep up with all your commitments- with your pocket, your design, your comfort and the environment. Never before had a mere flooring assignment been so favorable and so positive!


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Pl. let me know about detail used & mfg. of Bamboo floooring with look & durability

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