Swimming Pool In The Living Room!

New York is a host to many phenomenal properties, but this one in Chelsea would surely make you jump out of your seats. Opulence has become unconstrained where this townhouse is concerned which looks elegant and sophisticated from the outside but it's the interiors which would truly amaze you to the core.

Dipping in a pool can be relaxing and at the same time refreshing for all, and if the swimming pool is right inside your living room you cannot ask for more. This house contains a colossal 30,000 gallon, eight-feet-deep swimming pool equipped with a swing right inside its living room.

Today having a pool inside the living room might be out of question but since this pool was built in 1975 it has been "grandfathered in" and allowed to stay. The house also has a huge library, a beautiful atrium filled with green plants and a small garden with a second, smaller pool for turtles. A dream home for most of us, the least we can do is enjoy the pictures and get inspired.

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