Luxurious Kitchen Design Inspired By Art Of Origami

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White Black Modern KitchenWith newer designs of home décor coming each day, it becomes challenging for the designers to create something unique as well as attractive to appeal to the home owners. One such effort is made by Estudiosat for manufacturer Delta Cocinas resulting in an exceptional origami inspired design for a very opulent Kitchen.
Geometric Kitchen Design

The cabinets and surfaces used in the Kitchen look like folded paper just like in the art of origami giving it a very unusual yet attractive appeal. The colors are subtle and attractive and the overall style is very different from what you usually see. Installing this kitchen is definitely an expensive affair but whether it's worth the price or not is for you to decide.

Artica White Contemporary
Black White Kitchen Chunk
Black Kitchen Worksurface
Gloss White Kitchen Black
Kitchen Cabinet Inner Con
Origami Kitchen

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