Kitchen Gadgets : Which Help You


Want to have an updated kitchen? Here is an interesting journey to the unique world of kitchen gadgets that will surprise you and tickle your humorous side as well.

Veg Peeler:

A delicate, user friendly veg peeler, for your kitchen which ensures that the vegetable waste is collected in the peeler itself, rather than getting spilled in the kitchen. A must have if you are a cleanliness freak!

Egg Cuber:

Eggs are always round. Says who? Here is an egg cuber that can make the boring round egg square! Unbelievable? Yet true. The cuber can change the shape of a hard boiled egg and make your breakfast a unique experience. So next time surprise your guests or your children with this entertaining gadget!

Corn Shaver:

Of course you have seen devices that can remove corn from the cob. But this one is unique as it catches the corn as well! What's more amazing is the shape. Shaped as a computer mouse, it is an attractive, functional and unique appliance.


Having trouble separating those egg whites from the yolk? Snot a mug can help you in a rather eerie way! It is in the shape of a face in which you pour the egg and the egg white drips put of the nose in the face while the yolk remain intact in the face. A very creepy gadget for people with a good sense of humor!

Cherry Chomper:

Let this chomper do your work of eating the cherries and spitting out the seeds. Of course the cherries are still yours to munch minus the seeds! Make a grand cherry cake or let your kids have those delicious seedless cherries without doing the tedious task of seeding cherries! What an interesting tool!

Exhaust Burger:

If you drive around a lot and have hunger pangs while you drive this gadget is just for you. This is a metal burger maker which can be attached to your car exhaust to grill the burger! So carry some bread and cutlets, stop the car when you feel hungry, install the device on your car exhaust and drive off till your burger cooks. The cup which holds the burger allows only the heat to transfer through the exhaust. So happy grilling while you whistle and drive!

Scan toaster:

Bored with toasts in breakfast? Let us make them interesting for you. Here is a toaster that can scan and print designs on your morning toast. You can actually print the news on your toast! Connect to the power mains and it will download different designs for your toast. You can download current time, latest news headlines, and weather. Ready to make your mornings eventful?

Blooop Sink Stopper:

Sink is perhaps the least attractive area of your kitchen. You can make it beautiful by adding Blooop! This is a sink stopper that can hold water as it beautifies your sink. Shaped like a disk the sink stopper has a tapered plug at the bottom which keeps the water in the sink and the stem can be pulled to drain the water. Simple yet interesting!

Rolling pin:

This is definite must have for the kitchen. A fully submersible, dishwasher-proof rolling pin specially designed for professional bakers. It has non-slip handles convening a good grip during use. There is button on the side to remove and efficiently clean the handles. The non stick roller ensures a great performance and has changed the face of this age old appliance into an innovative, ergonomic and efficient product.

Head knife holder:

We have seen many creative knife holders in various kitchens. But this one will surely blow your mind off. Well, literally! Shaped like a human head, this knife holder is certainly not for the weak hearted. If you want to get some adventure in your kitchen, go for it!


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The head knife holder seems a bit grim and children might get bad thoughts on it.

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