The Tantalizing Dark/Chocolate Bathroom Designs


Have you ever thought of re-inventing bathroom decor using dark/chocolate bathroom styles? Well! There are many who might think chocolate theme doesn’t fit in bathroom styling.

But think again, really how tempting would chocolate colored walls look in your bathroom! Imagine walking into dark wood bathrooms with specialty or dim lighting and subtly decorated wall tiling. The entire aura magnified by the presence of dark/chocolate bathroom cabinets.

This is the modern era and hence, to keep in-style with the essence of modernism, you can re-decorate your bathroom in such a way that it feels like a part of the entire home and also transforms into what we call the‘classic dark bathrooms.’ It doesn’t take much of an effort to convert your existing bathroom into something that is no less than a slice of paradise! You will have to start with the walls or the tiles and then go up all the way to the top or the ceiling.

But the true mood of the bathroom décor can only be set if you add some dark colored steam showers, cabinets, and dark/chocolate bathroom vanities. If you use color contrasts like dark/chocolate bathroom layouts with light and misty colored floor tiles then your bathroom will transform into a place where you can get maximum relaxation. Bathrooms have, for a long time, served multiple purposes from being a place you can take a shower in to being a retreat for a tired mind and body. A beautifully decorated and color coordinated bathroom is an ideal island of peace and tranquility.

And a dark or chocolate colored bathroom can be soothing and prove to be a paradigm in terms of décor. Studies have shown that dark/chocolate bathroom styles can uplift your spirit and make you feel much more at peace. Of course, if you do plan to carry out the changes in décor, it is not necessary that you have to have classic dark bathrooms where everything from vanities to the wood, tiles and even shower tubs have a dark tint on them. Look at it more from the point of view of it being a place of fun. Experiment with different colors but set the basic tones with dark/chocolate bathroom layouts.

You can use everything from the dark and mysterious wooden tone to the revealing dark chocolate tones. In between, you can spray the walls or the doors with hues of chocolate such as cream or caramel. Using contrast well is the key; for example: if you are planning to use dark/chocolate bathroom cabinets then give the bathroom walls a misty, cloudy, light chocolate look so that everything just blends in. If you are planning to use dark wood bathrooms then a few small plants, a book rack, a white sand colored bathtub, and dark/chocolate bathroom vanities would give it just the right feel.

On the other hand, you can install dark colored steam showers and paint your imagination on the wall tiles using hues and mix of dark and light colors to bring out the true essence of having something extraordinary!


0 #2 Ekanem 2012-08-21 20:19
Truly Tantalizing. See complementary information on:
0 #1 Patio Heater 2012-08-07 10:19
I think a darker colored decore would bring some warmth to the usual light and chrome colored bathroom. As mentioned adding plants will be a nice accent and contrast. Wish mine looked like the one in the pic above.

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