About Urinals and Soap Dishes


In the world of custom kitchen and bath items, designers are making a name for the urinal in the residential market. For so long urinals and designer soap dishes were only restricted to public rest rooms in pubs, theatres, park’s and luxury hotels.

But now things have changed, when it comes to decorating with luxurious material in bathrooms at home the things that come up to mind are designer urinals and soap dishes. Urinals have changed the conventional look of bathrooms making them lavish and luxurious. Let it be a style statement or increased magnitudes of quality of living, urinals are definitely of great usage.

When compared with urinating in general toilet, usage is faster because, with in the room there are no locks, no seats to turn up and also take less space. Urinals are simpler than a toilet, also a great way to keep bathrooms odor-free. By using urinals, one can save thousands of gallons of water each year as they use less water per flush when compared to the conventional toilet. Urinals are mostly made of ceramic and porcelain which makes them clean easily and gives a shiny finish

Soap dish is also an important bathroom accessory used for holding soaps. Soap dishes are usually present near the wash basins and sinks, shower cabinets and bath tubs surroundings (some times in built too).

A colorful animal shaped and funny soap dishes that are sold now a days encourage children to wash their hands. But soap dishes made of glass can add glamour to a bathroom, and it is also a practical choice as it cleans easily and saves a lot of space.

A designer urinal and a soap dish can add glamour and elegance to the bathroom. There are different types, styles and varieties of urinals that come in a wide range of cost. Before making final decision it is required to double check the quality, material and price of the commodity. Making sure that the shape, size and model of the commodity suits best with the rest of the accessories.

There are different types of soap dishes and urinals available in the market, which helps us to make a choice of our own:-

  • Recessed soap dish:- these types of soap dishes are fitted into the wall creating a sunken area where soap can be placed. These are preferable where space is the deciding factor
  • Surface mount soap dish:- such type of a soap dish is projected out wards creating a support to place the soap
  • Corner shelf soap dish:- this type of soap dish has multiple compartments and is placed at a corner. It does not use much space and can hold more items. This type of a soap dish is most commonly used as it provides more storage space and occupies only less space.
  • Double deck soap dish:- it is compartmentalized in such a way that soaps can be placed one above the other.
  • BUILT IN soap dish:- Such type of a soap dish comes inbuilt along with washbasins, bath tubs, and shower cabinets. It removes the need of a separate soap dish.
  • Flat back half stall urinal:- these types of urinals are fitted to walls, more or less looks like a cabinet and convenient for usage and looks really good as it is in enclosed.
  • Squatting urinal:- these types of urinals are fitted to the floor. And is often preferred as it does not take much of the bath room space.
  • It is not by choosing the best of it, but it is by choosing the appropriate urinal and soap dish that goes along with the rest of the accessories at appropriate price makes it a best buy. And by following the tips mentioned above one could make a best buy.


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