Top Ten Vastu Tips on Bedroom Decoration


The antediluvian science of vastu of bedroom contributes in flourishing one’s personal relationships because this is the place where we spend most of our time. The energy of the bedroom must be spread thoroughly towards each corner.

The master bedroom of the house must be in south direction, for it provides the home with peacefulness and prosperity. There are some points to be remembered which are promoting for you while you plan to design your bedroom. These are as follows:-

  • Upon moving inwards, the door of the bedroom must open fully as it lets in the positive vibrations and fresh air flow in an efficient manner. A door which does not open completely obstructs the path of positive vibes.
  • The bedroom necessarily be kept neat and clean incessantly. There should not be dust or clusters around. The tidy surroundings give a fulfilling effect to the room.
  • The path of ingression into the bedroom must be one; there should not be many entrances. It should be looked into that the ceiling of the bedroom is not leant and the bed does not touch the walls.
  • At the time of sleeping ensure that it is your head which is in south direction. Feet in south direction are not believed auspicious.
  • The food meals must not be taken in the bedroom, especially on the bed. They should be taken in the dining room normally. Water source such as aquarium is not considered auspicious in bedroom as it might bring conflicts in the relationship.
  • Television should not be placed in the bedroom as it is not considered propitious. If you got a habit of watching T.V. in bedroom, then start covering it with a plastic cover. It should not be cloth but a plastic cover strictly.
  • On entrance, place some pleasant painting which soothes your mind but not any sceneries depicting sorrow or waterfall. Mirror must not placed in front of or at the side of bed in the bedroom.
  • Spend time in the bedroom by exercising some hobbies like reading and writing and during this time, let the positive and calm thoughts capture your entire mind.
  • Better open doors and windows for at least fifteen to twenty minutes daily as proper ventilation is required. Uninterrupted flow of breeze in the bedroom must be there as you spend almost one-third of your life over here.
  • Make an attempt to sleep away from sharp corners and edges for they are not propitious. For betterment in relationships, couples must develop a habit to sleep on one big pillow rather than two different pillows.

Practising these few minor changes in your bedroom can lead to a really calm, settled and peaceful but satisfactory life.


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