Ten Quick Tips For Office Vastu


Enhance wealth and prosper your surroundings by implementing vaastu in office...

The science of vaastu, furnish their offerings in benefiting people in terms of name, fame and power in the commercial areas too. Hence, these offices should be built and designed meticulously. There should be correct balance of the energies everywhere in the office in order to get efficient labour from the employees and higher ability of working.


Here are few quick tips which when applied in your office, can benefit you in umpteen numbers of ways:-

  • The exteriors of the office such as the location, shape, size, height and slope of the office building must be taken care of before the building is created.
  • Talking about the interiors, the architecture should be such constructed that it lets in all the positive energies from outside and hence helps in flourishing the business.
  • There should be proper ventilation in entire office, the doors and windows must be opened for sometime every day. The boss should sit in south-west direction fronting either north or east.
  • Marketing department must be in south-west whereas pantry must be in south-east or north-west direction.
  • Cashier must be in the north direction and reception in north-east direction for advancement in wealth.
  • The direction and placement of AC, cooler, audio systems, electronic equipments, stairs etc is also crucial in vaastu.
  • The placement of safe should be such that it faces north direction. This direction should be kept free from the heavy furniture.
  • For prosperity, an aquarium with nine gold and one black fishes is considered very auspicious and must be placed in north-east direction.
  • Placement of mirrors and idols of god and goddesses in their benefiting directions enhance and prospers the business manifolds.
  • While entering the office, there should not be an empty wall. Side tables and telephones must be placed in south-west direction.

There are crucial directions for keeping files in offices. These tips must be implemented for optimal results. The income tax file should be kept in south-west corner shelf, import and export file in the north-west corner shelf, cash purchase file in south-west corner shelf, litigation file in north-west corner shelf, purchase file in south-west corner shelf and the sales file in north-west corner shelf, account file in south-east corner shelf, estate file in south-west corner shelf, shares file in north-west corner shelf.

Implementation of these tips in your home will lead to a growth and prosperity in commercial areas leading to satisfied lifestyle.

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