Experts Vaastu Tips For Office Master Cabin


Is your work not going in the right direction?

May be the answer lies in Vaastu.

Vaastu shastra is one of the most ancient Hindu sciences of designs, based on directions, which allow the inflow of positive energy, peace and prosperity throughout your house, workplace or any other construction. It is not a mere superstition but it has been a religious belief that proper selection of Vaastu keeps the evil forces away and helps avoid their negative influence. Vaastu deals with every aspect of construction, be it the right selection of the site, shape and structure of the building, positioning of the doors and windows or even the placements of the rooms!

Vaastu has an equal importance in the office culture as well. A careful arrangement of the structure of the office may lead to better work environment, improved relations with the employees and thus increased profitability in the business. There are certain tips, the adoption of which can make your master cabin a bundle of goodwill and profits:-

  • The placement of the boss’s table should be such that he does not face the south. It may be in any other direction.
  • The temple should always fall either in the front or sideways, but in no case should it be behind the owner’s chair.
  • A rectangular shape is preferred for the owner’s table.
  • The door passage that opens in the cabin should be clear with no hindrance falling at the door-opening.
  • A soothing atmosphere can be created by the use of fresh flowers, proper lighting techniques, and a very creative interior plus a gentle use of colors on the wall.
  • The placement of the safe or almirahs for keeping important documents and records of the company should be in the South-East direction.
  • Within the master cabin, the side tables and the telephones should be kept in the South-Western corner.
  • The importance of files in the business is inevitable so even the placement of files should be taken care of. The accounts file should be positioned in the south-east corner of the shelf while the personal file should be at the south-west corner of the cabin-shelf.
  • The office profile should always be either rectangular or square in shape.

The implementation of all these factors in your office can make it a better place to work. It should not be considered that following the Vaastu designs would require a total restructuring but it can indeed be achieved by making a few alterations.


0 #1 Sitansu Sekhar Roul 2012-04-25 16:40
I have a south facing office. Kindly suggest me about the vastu remedies and sitting arrangements of all staffs.

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