Five Vastu Tips For Office Reception Area


Is your work not reaping the benefits that you expected out of it?

Are all your efforts going in vain?

Have all doors that you turned to for help, closed?

Call it superstition, but your answer might lie in the science of Vaastu!

The primary objective of your work is to attain the best possible advantage that it can reap for you in terms of monetary benefits and internal satisfaction. A number of times money flows in, but satisfaction does not. On the other hand, sometimes there appears to be a blockage in the proper inflow of both. At such a juncture, it becomes very important to make some alterations in your workplace, as per Vaastu Shastra, and give your vocation the correct direction. The achievement of this direction lies not in the reconstruction of your entire office but just in a few changes brought about in the construction of your reception area! The vitality attached to the reception area is of immense significance as it is through this portion of your workplace, that positive energies find their way into your office. It is indeed the correct balance of the five Vaastu elements- Earth, water, Air, Fire and Space- which lend your work the credibility and reliability that you had always craved for. A few essential points which must be borne in mind, while giving your reception area, the touch of Vaastu are:-

  • Being the entrance of your office, the reception area should have the capability to immediately attract the attention of your customers and retain it. Thereby, it must be elegantly decorated with a pleasing fragrance spread all around.
  • The lighting arrangement and the proper organization of furniture too holds importance as it determines the number of clients, profits and goodwill that you will earn. Poor and dim lights with a cluttered appearance of the reception would do more harm than good.
  • Place an Aquarium or a fountain in the North-West direction of the reception area. This would not only enhance the level of calm but would also add to the comfort of the entire zone.
  • The actual structure of the reception should be designed as such that it is aligned to the North-East direction. However, also keep an idol or an image of Ishwara in the same corner and decorate it with flowers and lights every day.
  • Reception area should never lead to Rest rooms, as it proves to be a big blockage for continuous growth.

You have given every trick in the book a chance- it is now the time to try Vaastu. Expeditious results and quick profits are just a part of what Vaastu gets for you- the core of its application is fulfillment and contentment.

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