Vastu Experts Tips And Ideas For Home Interior Design


The Vedic ages were full of scientific explorations in the ancient India. This place was the epicenter of many scientific discoveries. In addition to this, Vastu can be mentioned as the most glorious invention. It can be named as the scientific art of better living.

The term Vastu signifies the living space for the gods and human beings. In this modern age, this scientifically nourished art of Vastu has been recognized as the essential criteria for constructing living spaces that includes houses, business premises, and temples for the deities etc. Nowadays Vastu experts are great demand for advising the positive aspects of lands being purchased for constructing homes or business premises. Though, the Vastu applications are wide-spread in different dimensions but, we will take look at the most practical and useful tips for our homes:

Vastu Tips for Bed Room:

  • South is perfect direction for a bedroom. The other rooms can be built on the southern, central, and central directions. A bedroom at the south induces peace and harmony.
  • One must avoid constructing a bedroom at the south-east corner of the house area.
  • The electronic gazettes or appliances are to be placed at the southeast corner of a living room.
  • A bedroom at the northwest direction is ideal for the marriageable daughters and a guest room at this direction is best advised in Vastu.

· According to Vastu recommendations, sleeping with head facing to the north direction is not a right practice.

Vastu Tips for Kid’s Room:

  • North or west is the best directions for children’s bedroom.
  • The ideal location for placing bed in a kid’s room is on the south-west corner.
  • Avoid placing a mirror or a dressing table at the opposite side of the kid’s
  • Do not install furniture sticking the room’s wall. Such odd positioning of furniture resists optimum flow of positive energy into the room.
  • If your kids are using a computer, place it at the Northeast corner of the room.
  • Place a study table on the East corner of your kid’s room. East is the direction of perfect concentration.

Vastu Tips for Drawing Room:

  • North is the perfect direction for drawing rooms.
  • A showcase/almirah can be placed at the southwest corner and a TV set will ideally be installed at the southeast direction.
  • It’s perfect to place a sofa set at the northwest corner of the drawing room.
  • Avoid round or oval shaped furniture in your drawing room. It’s always advised to decorate drawing rooms with square or rectangular shaped furniture and place them at the western and southern corners.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen:

  • Construct your kitchen room at the southeast or northwest corner of your building.
  • Never let the cooking platform touching the northern or eastern sides.
  • Vastu strictly prohibits constructing a kitchen room at the center, Northeast, mid-north, mid-west, south-west, or at the mid-south.
  • Make sure sufficient arrangements for cross ventilation in the kitchen room.
  • Place a refrigerator at the northwest corner of a kitchen room.
  • Do not install a shelf right above the cooking platform.
  • Do all your cooking works facing the east direction.

You have every right to judge the cosmic feasibility of the land you are buying and it’s your duty to make your house layout in the most scientific method in order to feel every bit of natural and heavenly blesses for a prosperous and peaceful life. Of course, the earth and its associated components are responsive to the unseen supernatural phenomenon which has direct or indirect impact on your life, health, and fortune. Bring Vastu in your life—discover the scientific art of better living.

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