Vastu Tips For Decoration of Master Bedroom


“May your house soon turn into your home and you live there peacefully forever.” This is the wish you get when you buy a new house. It can easily come true if you built your house according to vastu shastra.

The methods and principles given in ancient time by saints about construction of building from their knowledge in godly scriptures is what constitute vastu shastra or Shilpashastra.

Why is vastu important?

Vastu is a science that bridges man and nature. According to it every substance is made up of five basic elements namely earth, water, space, fire and air. Our earth is the only planet where you can find all of the panchbhootas. If any building is constructed without considering these elements then it is difficult to gain any benefits. We draw some kind of positive energy from all of these five elements. A strange vibration level is experienced which is out of the knowledge of human beings.

Vastu is a field that is based on laws of nature. It helps us maintain equilibrium not only in moving bodies but also in static objects and this produce positive energy in our surrounding.

Vastu rules for master bedroom

Bedroom is the most important room of one’s house. It is where you can be yourself and feel peace, cozy at heart. But the design of your bedroom must follow vastu rules and principles in order to ensure harmony and peace in your surroundings. Some necessary tips for constructing master bedroom through vastu are:-

  • The southwest corner of your house must be chosen for master bedroom.
  • The ceiling of the room must be leveled which ensure uniform energy in the room.
  • The position while sleeping should be from South to North, thus bed should face in the north direction
  • Heavy furniture can be placed in the southwest corner of the room such as wardrobes and sofas.
  • The Eastern or Northern walls can be occupied by a dressing table which must not strictly face the bed. This gives you a peaceful married life.
  • According to Vastu soft shades like green, blue and off white are ideal for master bedroom. One must avoid very bright or dark colors.
  • It is suggested not to have a real plant or aquarium in your bedroom.
  • In case your bedroom has an attached bathroom, it should not be in direction of your bed directly and you should keep its door closed.

A bedroom is that corner of the house where one can easily relax. Being the most personal place, it must mirror your lifestyle and give you a light heart and mind. Thus it is very important to put right things at the right places and in the right direction. Following the above vastu practices can make your married life very happy and lively.


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