Office Reception

Office Reception Design

The reception area of your office is perhaps the only place most of the outsiders will get to see and carry an image of, in their minds. Hence it becomes most essential to create a space that gives the right kind of message to the visitors as well as create a positive and long lasting impact. The reception should speak of your organization’s beliefs and philosophy. Design a creatively functional, professional and stylish space for your clients, vendors and visitors. Use a variety of colors, layouts, materials and accessories to make the correct statement about your organization

You can hire professionals to design your office reception but remember to add the character and personality of your organization to his designs by following these suggestions :-

  • Paint a picture in your mind on how you would like your offer reception to look. You can think of the kind of visitors and clients that frequent your reception area and decide on a design which best caters to their taste and preferences. At the same time it is imperative that the overall look should be a reflection of your organization’s personality!
  • A right color theme can bring about a tremendous difference in your office reception. Ideally you should opt for neutral or earth tones as they create the right ambience for the office as well as go well with almost all kinds of furniture and furnishings. The look can be all of traditional wood or the contemporary usage of glass, chrome, acrylic etc. Soft, decorative lights can add on to your color scheme.
  • The centrally focused area of any office reception is the reception desk. All the other additions are based on this desk. The desk should be facing the entrance for a welcoming look and can be set up at a slight angle for a sophisticated setting. Choose an innovative, eye catching design for your desk and try to make the complete ambience welcoming, friendly and warm but at the same time professional.
  • A very essential part of the office reception is the chairs and seating for the visitors. You can have a main seating area with many chairs around it or small clusters of seating areas. Do not overcrowd the area and make sure to leave enough room for movement. Add one or two small tables so you can put some company literature and magazine for the waiting visitors. Try to use stain and wear-resistant furnishings if you can't afford leather.
  • Some small but very important tips for your office reception: Place your organizations logo on the entrance, in front of the desk or on the wall behind the reception desk. You can add some shelves under the reception desk to minimize clutter. Some tasteful accessories, wall art, paintings etc can be added but don’t overdo anything. You can use plants and greenery but only if you are sure you can keep them maintained and fresh at all times.