Tub-E: An Electronic Bathtub By Wild Terrain Designs

Now this is something which will make you jump off your seat! An electronic Bathtub with a built-in heater to set tub water to the perfect temperature, Pinhole LED lights inserted into the outer edges of the bathtub, providing light at nighttime, an auto fill, auto empty and auto clean option, option to add a number of exquisite oils to the tub during its fill cycle, one touch programming to have the kind of bath you desire on a daily basis, eco-friendly elements to conserve water and reduce labor costs.

You couldn't ask for more! But that's not all; the tub looks beautiful in variety of stainless steel or copper, with a futuristic bucket design with comfortable seating and various adjustment options. You can enter the tub using the staircase, covered in perforated stainless steel, built around the electronic tub offering luxury, style and functionality all in one. Check out this amazing tub by Wild Terrain Designs which is truly a futuristic experience right in your bathrooms.

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