Modishness Personified- Red And White Bedrooms!

Bedroom is staunchly associated to romance and relaxation. Where the color Red is accepted world wide as a symbol of romance, white replicates serenity and calmness not to forget peace. So when we you are planning the colors of your special room there could be no better palette than Red and White.

This invincible permutation of hot and cold, bold and somber, wild and tranquil can set you off for a beautiful night with your partner or just yourself. Red is a color loved by almost all age groups and white sublimes its aggressive aura by its quiet presence. Here we present a mixed bag of various bedrooms incorporating this gorgeous combination. Hope you enjoy the vivacity of this collection!


0 #1 Rohan Verma 2012-06-26 06:37
Amazing design of bedroom...

Nice colors also

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