Zip Up Your Bed!

Making your bed in the morning can be such a task especially if you have to rush to work after getting ready. Check out this amazing Zip bed from Italian furniture design company Florida which would eliminate the need of folding your sheets and cleaning up the bed in the mornings.

This is a soft, snug and comfortable rounded bed which gives the feeling of being cocooned in luscious depths of coziness. You just have to zip it when you get up in the morning and unzip it when you need to sleep. Available in dream like colors of Red, Blue, White, Gray and many more, the bed looks neat with beautiful duvets, sheets and pillows.

You can go for a color change any time you want and the fabrics used on the bed are completely washable. Get ready to indulge in the world of uncluttered comfort with Zip beds.


0 #1 Nithin KA 2012-06-17 14:58
Super bed..wanted to buy :roll:

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