Office of Wirtschafts Blatt - Austria

Austria's leading newspaper WirtsChafts Blatt, provider of latest news on economics, market and finance has redone their 1700 m2 editorial office. Due to modernization of Communications and information sharing techniques the media industry is quite independent of time and place requirements. In these changing times this editorial office of the news agency raises the bar of comfortable & informal yet professional office Interiors.

"Change to a new spirit" is the theme behind this new 1700 m2 office space. The décor is dynamic, open and fresh , establishing and projecting the right image for the news agency.

The Office is divided into three functional zones

a.) Central Area

b) Administration Area

c.) Editorial & Production Area

The office has visually appealing & subtle graphics which merge different elements signifying business icons and images. The openness and transparency of the space does not hamper the privacy of the individual workspaces. Each Area boasts of customized graphics and elements as per the work profile of people sitting in that specific area.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Architecture, Interior design and furniture: IDFL d.o.o.
Client: Wirtschafts Blatt Verlag AG

Project management: M.O.O.CON GmbH

Production of wooden furniture: Leska d.o.o.
Production of wooden furniture: Mizarstvo Tratar Marjan s.p.
Implementation of graphics: Digitalni studio
Project and implementation: 2011
Surface: 1700 m2
Photography: Iztok Lemajič

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