The WikiLeaks Den

WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organization which publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified information from anonymous news sources,news leaks, and whistleblowers. As per the nature of their work and the fact that their office should reflect their thought process, they could not have done better than build their workplace like a cold war bunker (originally built as a World War II underground shelter), 30 meters below the rock-bed of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm, Sweden. They have named the office Pionen-White Mountain, designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects.

The designers decided to destruct the former office and blew up the rock to produce extra space, they armored the cave, and made the technical installations necessary for running the servers hosting their data, and installed glass and steel work. The final touch was given with the paint job and furnishing. The plan was to believe the rock to be a living organism, by creating strong distinction between rooms where the rock dominates and where the human being is a stranger. Eventually the human being took over the rock totally. Lighting variations are used to maintain the feeling of time in an enclosed space.

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