Unique Cocoon Suites By KLab

Built in 1990, Hotel Andronikos on Mykonos Island in Greece has been redesigned by KLab architecture keeping in mind the pure simplicity that the island represents. The popular Greek island Mykonos has a population of 10000 which goes up to 50000 during summers and is encompassed by nature with hills, beaches and a desert like landscape.

The place houses a unique architecture with organic whitewashed cubes with rounded edges, curved walls that divide the landscape and paved narrow alleys. All this is in line with the hostile climatic conditions that surround the island.

13 out of 57 rooms of the hotel are renovated by the architecture firm inculcating the Mykonian touch in each space in a modernized form. The walls of the room are unaligned giving it a feeling of a rocky surrounding with 3D feel to them. The furniture seems to be attached to the walls and plaster, bamboo canes, plasterboard, glass, pebbles, mirrors and cement based flooring were used in eccentric ways. The lighting is also exceptional creating a fantastic effect reflecting through the bamboos, under the furniture, through the reflections of the polygonal mirror.

Witness the amalgamation of nature's beauty along with contemporary man made structures.


+2 #1 manisha jethliya 2012-05-26 05:13
this is actually very beautiful. i love the way u had designed. white is my favorite colour and concept.. nice concept

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