Tech Savvy Yotel

Check out this technology savvy hotel (or yotel as it is called), by Yo! Sushi restaurant magnate Simon Woodroffe's in New York. The hotel is technically chic and vivacious and offers modern comfort zone to visitors who come here after a long journey.

Here a visual projection with a purple electronic ticker provides up-to-the-minute information on weather reports, news and Yotel events and information. The floor is stylish in white concrete and gives a pleasant walk through to the guests on arrival. Computerized kiosks are there with a robotic arm to assist visitors check in extra baggages.

Guests arriving early, or wishing to deposit their bags for the hours between check-out and final departure are able to entrust their belongings to the power and security of Yobot – a giant white robot arm. This display by Yobot is visible through a large window to the people in lobby and to the street walkers. Whenever the robot is free it puts his act on roll for the onlookers. Enjoy this technological wonder through these images.


0 #1 Prakash 2012-06-08 09:48
Amazing concepts and design........................

Thanks for sharing

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