Fabulous Brass Sinks By Restart

Kitchens have attracted attention of many designers with an increased demand of stylish elements for this absolutely essential room of our homes. Convenience and looks both have taken a fore front and that has given way to gorgeous looking accessories coming our way. Sinks might have been considered dull and dreary, but that was a thing from the past. Modern sinks are good looking, functional and as important as other elements in the kitchen design.

Here are some fabulous old-style brass sinks with a retro touch from Restart, an Italian company trying to combine the beauty of past with practicalities of the modern world. The look is aesthetic with a dish rack and towel bar attached to the sink along with beautiful brass faucets. Check out these beautiful sinks by Restart!


0 #1 Sonia 2012-07-03 07:28
Amazing sinks..........

Are these available in India

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