Antilla- the Ambani’s residence in Mumbai

When we talk of interiors we cannot miss the most talked about luxury home of the decade – Antilla. An outrageously extravagant abode of Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Antilla has become the topic of dinner tables discussions of the rich and the elite, all around the world. Let us sneak in this interesting façade of unimpeded and magnificent creativity.

The complete architecture of the house with its gorgeous design methods was implemented by Chicago based designers Perkins and Will. Antilla is named after a mythical island and seems like a myth indeed with its unimaginable interior expanse.

The living quarters begin after six stories of parking lots. The lobby has nine elevators, as well as several storage rooms and lounges. A dual stairway with silver-covered railings leads to a large ballroom with 80% of its ceiling covered with crystal chandeliers. It features a retractable showcase for pieces of art, a mount of LCD monitors and embedded speakers, as well as platform for entertainment. The hall leads to an indoor/outdoor bar, green rooms, powder rooms and an access to a nearby 'entourage room' for security guards and assistants to relax. The Ambani's keen on distinctively Indian interiors have mostly engaged Indian companies, contractors, craftsmen and materials. You can witness a touch of Indian culture juxtapose newer designs. The sinks in a lounge extending off the entertainment level, which features a movie theatre and wine room, are shaped like ginkgo leaves (native to India) with the stem extending to the faucet to guide the water into the basin. There is a swimming pool and yoga studio surrounded by plants and greenery. The house also has gardens, ice room (to escape Mumbai's heat), an outdoor patio and lawns other than the regular rooms and spaces. We hope you enjoy this picturesque journey!

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