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  • Use epoxy paint in the spray gun. Epoxy paint is a two-part paint that hardens to a shine. Apply two to three coats to the bathtub, using a left to right sweeping motion. Make sure the paint has plenty of time to dry between each application. You can also apply the paint with a paint brush, but it will take much longer and won't look as smooth. ...
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  • I use a wall fitted wardrobe and it’s quite good as I have almost utilized the complete wall for building it. It’s very spacious and organized. However walk-in wardrobes can be convenient if you have a huge collection of clothes and accessories. But I personally find them a waste of space.Tags:floorshow tomaintenancetiles...
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  • The upholstery should be fade resistant especially if the room gets a lot of sunlight and mildew resistant if you have a humid climate. There are fabrics like micro-fiber which are lint free and do not attract dust. Avoid having fabrics with lots of texture like silk if you have small children or pets at home. Other than that colors and prints shou...
    com_easydiscuss 252 days ago