How to Get a Better Air-Conditioner for Your Office


Times have changed; air conditioners have become a necessary convenience for the people, especially the young blood. All the popular outings like hotels, movie theaters, beauty saloons and shopping malls are equipped with the right air conditioners to make them the favorite outing place for all age groups.

Mostly every office area has or requires an air conditioning system to beat the heat of summer. Office-buildings have huge central cooling systems which are very expensive and can cost you a big amount if they face a repair. In such cases it is a big investment on cooling systems and requires planning, research and finalizing the budget.

The different kinds of air conditioners available in the market from different companies can easily confuse anyone. Here are certain points which you should keep in mind while going to purchase an air conditioner for your office. They are-

  • Efficiency Ratings- Check and compare the efficiency ratings of various air conditioners. The one with a higher rating will cost you more initially as it will be expensive, but will be beneficial in the long run as it requires less electricity or fuel to cool your office space
  • Sound Ratings- Air conditioners have sound ratings which tell you how much sound it will make while operating. A normal air conditioner operates at 8-9 bels and the quietest one at around 6.8 bels. An office is usually a quiet place, so a noise free air conditioner should always be preferred.
  • The Size- You need to make sure that you chose the correct size air conditioner according to the size of your office. A small air conditioner might end up not cooling your spacious office as much as you might have desired. It is found that at normal circumstances an area of 500 square feet requires 12,000 BTUs to cool it up.
  • Green Power- To save the green power and not to overpay for energy, a programmable thermostat should be put into use, and set a higher temperature when you are out which automatically returns to a comfort level as per the time programmed.

Whether you are choosing an air conditioner for a one room office space or for an office building, you need to have a good basic knowledge about what is required so that you can discuss it with the contractors and sales person. Making the right choice will be a cool move

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