How To Keep Your Homes Dust Free

When we talk of dust in the house it's not merely the sand particles which come from outdoors but grimy stuff like shed skin cells, animal dirt and hair, dust mites and their feces, and decomposing bug parts, fabric fibers and tiny particles of soil, wood, sheet rock, plaster and paint.

All these can be harmful for a healthy person not to talk of people with allergies and respiratory problems. In any household you cannot do anything to avoid the presence of these elements but you can clean the house properly for a healthier living. Here are a few suggestions on how to reduce the presence of all these unwanted elements in the house:

  • Dusting is a regular part of our house cleaning efforts but we often end up using an old piece of cloth or a feather duster to do this essential activity. It's recommended to use a micro fiber or electrostatic cloth to capture dust. Ordinary cloth would just move the dust from one place to another and not eliminate it. These specialized fabrics can be washed easily and are ready to use again. A damp micro fiber cleans excellently whether it's a surface or a mirror.
  • It always better to use a damp rag to wipe surfaces than a dry one except wooden surfaces. Wood surfaces if wiped with a dry mop can kill dust effectively. Micro fiber mops are available in dry as well as wet options.
  • It is advised to vacuum before you dust the room if you plan to do both as vacuum blows out the dust particles out of hidden places which can then be dusted for a sparkling clean house. Use a good quality vacuum cleaner and empty the dust bag often for a better performance.
  • Clean the air filters of your air conditioners regularly and try to keep the moisture and humidity at a minimum level as humidity attracts dust and grime.
  • Fabrics attract more dust than leather, plastic and wood. Upholstery and carpets are home for dust particles and minimizing these will ensure a healthy clean environment.
  • The more and corners you create in the house the more space dirt gets to settle in. Opt for simple straight lined shelves and cabinets for minimum dirt and cleaning convenience.
  • Ensure cleaning space under beds, closets and cabinets so that it is not neglected while you clean.

Each house has its own cleanliness parameters. The climatic conditions and neighborhood environment decides a lot on how much and how many times you need to clean. A dust free house ensures good health and positive energies which leads to a better life. Happy cleaning!


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