A Colorful Office Of Unilever!

Unilever's office in Switzerland is an example of how lively interiors can be even for a office space. Designed by Zurich-based architectural studio Camenzind Evolution the office interiors are colorful and vibrant making the work environment energetic and full of vigor. The décor is simple yet stylish with bold pattern that excites you but does not overwhelm you with its vibrancy.

One look at the office and you can connect to the creative business approach that Unilever follows. The work space is divided into various zones. There is a Focus Zone for individual concentrated working, Connect Zones for collaboration and communication, Vitality Zones to socialize and revitalize, and Quite Zones to increase workers comfort and well-being. With so many colors to please the eyes of employees, we can be assured of their high spirits and motivated work performances.


0 #1 Lương Duy Khánh 2012-10-25 05:45
Oh ! So nice , so cool

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