A Nature Loving House

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Casey Key Guest House is a wooden guest house created by Totems architecture. It is located in a highly regulated FEMA flood zone requiring elevated floor levels. Situated on a barrier island, it is set within a mature oak hammock along Sarasota Bay.

In this project all the existing trees were conserved and the house was based on a specialized steel piling foundation system intended to evade root disturbance and lessen sub grade impacts to the oaks. The owner wanted a small house within the trees and a loft to provide seclusion from an adjacent property to the north, while giving a wide view of the oak hammock, and Inter coastal Waterway.

This resulted in an open structure to the east and west, yet concrete and concealed towards the north. The insides of the loft have curved beams which reflect the aquatic bay environment. Ship lap cypress (A tall tree) sides are used to dress the outer walls and interior curved wall. Enjoy the beautiful settings!

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