An Industrial Eatery! Los Soprano

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Los Soprano is a unique pizzeria designed by Spanish architect Pedro Scattarella in Gava, Barcelona. The difference in the concept lies in the complete look of the eatery which is designed like a warehouse. The designers have used 3 meters high shipping containers to line the wall and various warehouse signages for the other surrounding walls. The pizzeria is spaced on two floors, the first one housing a red tiled bar and an open show kitchen and the second floor housing the dining room.

The idea of kitchen right at the access point is to show the cooking area and the people actually cooking to the visitors which is quite a challenging ordeal. The bar is used by waiter as an aisle, a table as well as a traditional bar. The dining area has red and green chairs, a sharp contrast and wooden packing crates to reinforce the warehouse look. To join the two floors, the corner space is designed with a double height providing a complete view at the entrance point. Inspired by New York harbor warehouses with containers, industrial lamps and boxes this eatery is a surely a unique and conceptual place attracting visitors to its premises.

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