Bank Of Moscow’s Office

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The office of Bank of Moscow is located in central Moscow's Kuznetsky Most area (Kuznetsky Most street 13), on the third floor spread in an area of 7000 square meter. The space was previously an unused attic and the designer Alexey Kuzmin combined the historical elements with modern custom-made embellishments.

The focal point of the entire space is a large, hexagon-shaped central hall which is windowless and the ceiling is adorned with stained glass for a splendorous effect. The hall is used for client services and all elements were customized to evoke the feeling of professionalism and elegance, including the tall wooden doors with glass, stained-glass windows, chandeliers, oak paneling for walls and ceilings and the marble floors.

The staff is placed on the wings or balconies surrounding the client zone with dividers in the office area made of glass with wooden arches around them. The furniture is white and adds to the elegance of the office. A gorgeous and stylish office set up which can be an inspiration for creating grand office spaces.


0 #1 Lương Duy Khánh 2012-10-22 07:26
So cool! it's magic

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