About Wash Basins and Sinks


The world is no more the same to what it used to be, when our forefathers lived their life. It was a period when anybody hardly spent some time in thinking about the decor of their bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens appeared as the step-sons of the mother-home, which were not looked after.

However, the situation is no more the same today. These rooms are an important part of a home and every home-owner takes all the possible steps in helping himself to design them in the most luxurious fashion.

While remodeling one’s bathroom or kitchen, there are a lot of things that one needs to give special attention to. Among so many accessories that one can add or replace to the original ones in making his bathroom more stylish and luxurious, the wash basins and sinks are the most important ones. The bathroom sinks, which are also sometimes referred to as lavatories, are used for brushing teeth, shaving, washing hands and faces, etc. Moreover sinks, which are provided with mirrors, found use in hairdressing, taking out contacts, and adding or removing makeovers.

Together with their usefulness, the wash basins and sinks are capable enough of increasing the charm of one’s bathroom or kitchen. Available in different sizes and shapes, one can find a wide range of stunning sinks and wash basins in the market. It’s important that the sink you buy, complements the look of your bathroom or kitchen. So, revise your thoughts carefully before deciding that you might purchase a round, oval, semi-circular or a rectangular sink. Together with the shapes and sizes, it is also necessary that you decide much earlier before reaching the market, on what kind of material would you like your sink to be made of. Generally the sinks are made of porcelain, but one can also find different styles of contemporary bathroom sinks made up of glass, copper and stone. However, for a different and a more luxurious look, you can also go for granite bathroom sinks or wash basins.

What are the types of bathroom sinks and wash basins available in the market?

Bathroom sinks and wash basins are an important accessory, which adds to the glamour of a bathroom. There are different kinds of bathroom sinks presently found in the market. Some of them are: -

  • Console Table Sink: - These kinds of sinks are supported by four legs and they resemble more of a table than a cabinet.
  • Vanity Sink: - These sorts of sinks are the most popular ones as they allow more storage area under the cabinet together with a countertop adjoining the sink.
  • Pedestal Sink: - These sinks are mostly used in bathrooms where saving space is more of a necessity. These are supported by pedestal legs.
  • Wall mounted Sink: - These sinks are mostly found used in public facilities. These are nicely attached to one corner of the wall and the plumbing is well hidden within the wall.

Whatever kind of wash basins or sinks you buy or wherever you buy it from, it’s important that you get the best deal. Practice the above mentioned tips and then purchase the most perfect sink that matches the theme of your bathroom or kitchen.


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There are also stainless steel sinks that are available in the market. People can use these types which are durable and easy to clean.

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