Creative professionalism in 'Horizon'

The new office of Horizon, the largest independent media company of in Hudson Square, New York is a perfect example of excellence combined with inventiveness. The design mirrors exceptionality which is expected from a media house and is spread across an area of 115,000 square feet on three floors. It is designed by a+i Architectures giving the office a combination of industrial outlook and a comfortable working space. The building housed a printing factory at one time and had a high ceiling and 360ยบ view.

A wide staircase goes through the three floors enhancing the magnificence of the building and provides light and space enabling the people working there to connect and interact. The interiors of the office are in natural tones and the furniture and accessories are warm and soothing to contrast the cold concrete and steel. The office has the overall feel of a very welcoming workplace with professionalism in place. A marvellously created piece of art!

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