Drawing & Dining Room Furnishings


The two D’s of Drawing & Dining rooms are perfectly supplemented by the third D- Decoration! The design of the drawing room and dining room is generally according to the personal taste of the owner of the house.

If you prefer to apply dark colors in your drawing and dinning room it gives splendid looks indeed while if you apply pastels colors, it gives softer looks. It is considered preferable to use silk and cotton to give a more elegant look to your dinning and drawing room.

There are a few things which you should keep in mind while furnishing your drawing and dining room appropriately-

  • Floor covering

    Floor covering is quite common in eastern countries like Persia, China and India. Be it the knotted carpets or kilims, they are an integral part of their culture. Moreover they are best suited for the drawing rooms as they give a warmer look. Different types of carpets are in fashion like knotted carpets, flats, weaves and jute carpets.

  • Window curtains

    These also add to the personality of your room. Window curtains come in many forms. While some use polyester curtains others use cotton- depending upon the specific taste of the people and of course on the budget. The rich look is achieved by using satin curtains. You can use curtains in both -drawing as well as dining rooms.

  • Door curtains

    These are the articles which add warmth to your room. It is an important component for offices, restaurants and for homes. Inside the home, you can use door curtains for separating a room. The best fabric you can use for it is either polyester & nylon or silk & satin. You can also add more warmth if you make a contrast of the curtains with your room color.

  • Napkins

    It is a very important constituent of a dinning and drawing room. Napkin is a cloth which is used to wipe the lips and hands while eating. Whatever is your taste or whatever is your culture, napkins indeed add a plus point to your style. Napkins are made up of a combination of polyester and cotton. A huge variety of designs are available for napkins.

  • Table cloth

    It plays an important role in our daily lives especially because of our traditions and culture. In simple words, it is a piece of cloth which drapes on the table. Table cloths also depend on the mood of the occasion. There are many designs in the market for table cloths. This list is not exhaustive and there are many more products which give a complete look to your dinning and drawing room. These things are merely a hint from the basket. What ultimately matters is the happiness and cleanliness you spread through your drawing and dining rooms!


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