All About Feng Shui Bedroom


An ideal Feng Sui bed room is similar to a wisdom fulfilling comfort zone, where getting in you will enter into the world of eternal joy. A Feng Sui bed room can be considered at the inspiration of success for many prominent personalities as they had the chance for living a balance and harmonious life in their Feng Sui bed room.

A Feng Sui bedroom at a time lures you in; it ignites excitement, and relaxes your mind at the same time. What not possible in a Feng Sui bedroom? It relaxes the nerves brining a quick nap, a sound night sleep, and finally it’s the ideal place for making passionate love.


Feng Sui prescribes placement of couple of recommended articles in different location of your bedroom to make it the comfort zone or the ultimate source of balanced life. Everyone may live a happy and balanced life through turning his/her/their ordinary bedroom into a feng sui bedroom with the following useful tips:

Bed Arrangement:

  • Do not set the bed in a direct line with the main door of the bedroom.
  • The bed can is easily reachable from both sides.
  • Keep to tables on both sides of the bed.

Air Circulation:- Keep your bedroom windows open for a long period of the day/night or install a standard air-purifier for non-stop flow of oxygen-rich fresh air into the bedroom. A bedroom with insufficient number of window or without any ideal source of oxygenated air forces it occupants breathing in polluted environment.

Indoor Plants:- Installation of indoor plants in bedrooms not recommended in Feng Sui as there is lack of standard space in the modern houses and bedrooms. However, it is fairly large, couple of indoor plants can be installed at the maximum distance from the bed.

No Electronic Gazettes:- Do not install electronic devices as computer, television, or exercise equipments in your bedroom. These items resist the positive Feng Sui energies from entering into your bedroom.

Colors:- Make your bedroom full of soothing colors. Ideally the decors in a Feng Sui bedroom must be done in a careful manner since, it promotes sound sleep and sexual well being for the dwellers. For bedroom decors, Feng Sui recommends ‘skin colors.’ You may choose colors within this range that best suits your bedroom decors.

Images on the Wall:- Be careful in choosing images for your Feng Sui bedroom as these articles carry powerful Feng Sui energies. According to Feng Sui choose those arts or images for your bedroom that best echoes the happenings or wishes you expect to come true in your life.

Light is Important:- Light plays major role in a Feng Sui bedroom. It’s fine to use a dimmer switch for adjusting the volume of light energy according to requirement. Light is the best nutrient for all the creatures/plants on the earth, so the lighting arrangement in a bedroom must be planned and well disciplined. Light up your bedroom with toxin-free candle lights, it’s the Feng Sui recommended product for lightening your bed room.

The concept or arrangement may slightly vary between places, people, and culture. But, the basic practice remains the same. Yes, a Feng Sui bedroom is the ever expected place of fulfilling desires and living a pleasant life. Turn your ordinary bedroom into a Feng Sui bedroom today. Live your life to the fullest!

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