Floating Dreams!

Floating beds is not just a trend or another style statement for your home interiors but also an ideal form, as motion of gentle rocking is the perfect way to sleep. The inventor of floating beds John Huff quotes: "I studied the problem, and the scientific research, for a long time. I realized that Omni-Pendulum or "Floating" Motion was the key to the ideal bed. So I designed the bed with the best motion. But we didn't stop with one or two refinements. I wanted this device to really work, to be so great that everyone would fall in love with it. I wanted it to be so good that you would want to sleep this way forever, to be really happy with it, year after year."

Here are a few design inspirations for you if you wish to incorporate this very aesthetic and functional element in your bedroom or as a day bed in the outdoors. Enjoy this bed as a fun place to relax with your friends or family, or alone reading, reflecting or simply pampering yourself to a lazy afternoon!

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